30 Survivors Initiative Created The Cooperative Group

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(Journalist asb/Translated by Hermenegildo Tilman)

DILI (Timor Post) – Sobrevivem From The Santa Cruz Massacre, With The Initiative Itself Created The Group Of Cooperatives, Wearing The Soft Groups, strong basket, wide shallow used for cleaning, Housing Animals (pig And goat) Including Cultivation And Rice paddy.

The Coordinate (manager) of the cooperative group of the 12 November committee, Agostinha da Costa Souza, said the objective of creating these cooperative groups is to strengthen survivor’s relations and elevate knowledge, in order to manage the money of the cooperative group itself.

“This product is benefiting, the government through the secretary of state for Cooperatives (SEKoop), can buy our products that we have included the cooperation of international partners that will allow, the entry of a few income into the support of daily life”, Agostinha to the Timor Post, in the celebration of the 30th Massacre of Santa Cruz, which has as general theme: The Spirit of the 12 November Massacre, the young women has become an important author to protect Timor-Leste from pandemic Covid-19”.

The other objective is he said, to bring together survivors of creativity, such as juices bordered, defied, curseel included weave traditional hand-woven for women (soru-tais), as a part of ensuring their creativity in this group.

They will propose to the government, he said, through SEKoop, to asked for help from to the part of them, as a material including some funds, in order to strengthen the bonds of people.

“For the group of cooperatives of the 12 November Committee, previously completes, but stopped (paradu) because the budget of the members of their own committees does not exist, so the one can suspend it, only reactivated on October 5,2018”, he says.

The cooperative spokesman, Agostinha, reported, has only 30 members. As some survivors have not so far been reached, they are human rights.

“Included, although we do not have been directly denied (human rights) by the government, we did not exhaust our will for this activity”, he said.

Because, according to him, when the struggle for independence, they did not demand that everyone be governed. The Government wants to value and reappoint their sacrifices.

“in the past, we did not demand that the governance be ruled is the  target of all, now we are many survivors we are not finding our right but that does not constitute barriers to us”, he asked.

Initially, this created cooperative was built, he said, starting with a small $ 1,15 fund, this is the first stage, the second stage, with an amount of $ 65, and the third leg $3,5.

“We decided to make this $ 65, we according to distribute by one, 50 meals of $5 vibrant and (simpanan wajib) U$5, we currently have an amount of U$2, 354 the money come from the 30 members themselves. We faced many challenges in our own cooperative”, he informed

Even though we despite the many difficulties, without prejudice to the group’s will, the effort we have the patience to continue serving the organization of the November 12 Committee.

Finally, he said, it will export the tais “woven” (traditional) plants that produce, but it also depends on the situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic, where situation normal we can exports the woven to abroad, namely product woven.(***)

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